Efficient and resilient logistics

Material Handling as a Service for logistics and industrial companies

With our proprietary technology, we help companies tackle employee shortages and improve material handling efficiencies in any type of environment.

There is an unprecedented shortage of forklift drivers

The significant e-commerce growth, the global geo-political uncertainty, and the increased environmental and health risks are forcing many companies to rethink their supply-chain strategies. Their main focus has shifted from building “just-in-time”, highly-efficient processes to ensuring resilient operation and business continuity. This is why in recent years we observe a significant increase in demand for warehousing space.

The increased demand for warehouse space results in a significantly higher demand for warehouse workers and forklift drivers, which are difficult to find due to the ageing population and the difficult working environment.

One of the solutions for this problem is the implementation of fully autonomous solutions, however, they are very expensive and work only for very well-defined and simple workflows.

Teleoperation in the warehouse

We convert your existing forklifts into smart remotely operated machines assisted by sensors and a 360° video feed. Supported by our proprietary AI driver-assist systems, our highly qualified remote operators are always available to move the materials in your warehouse safely and efficiently at any hour of the day.

All services integrate with your warehouse management software to enable collaboration between local and remote teams.

About us

About us

AdVentura Works, a Swiss technology company based in Morges, Switzerland. Our mission is to be the partner of choice for our clients in their digital transformation journey.

We build technology solutions to improve efficiency and safety in the warehouse, and help companies tackle the global employee shortages.

We use technology and data to empower humans, optimise processes and business operations more flexible and scalable.

We believe in customer-centricity and the scientific approach to innovation management - forming business networks and collaborating to stay agile and solve business problems quickly.

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